The California Presidential Elector Files Lawsuit Joins Anti-Trump Push

Vinz Koller has joined the anti-Trump movement namely; Hamilton Electors. The Democratic presidential elector has filed a law suit meant to prevent Donald Trump from taking the job at the white house. This law suit was filled in the U.S. District Court of North California. It challenges the constitutionality of the California statute that requires presidential electors to vote for their party nominee. This is the second Adult Time law suit to be filled against Trump in the recent days following Baca and Nemanich’s. These two began working with college electors in other states to push for the “Moral Electors” or “Hamilton Electors” movement. Koller is working to convince at least 37 Republican electors to rally behind an alternative Republican candidate and reject Trump. Koller has asserted that he wants to vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton.



The chairmanship of Vinz Koller has enabled him to become the 10th presidential elector. This group of electors is composed of eight Democrats and one Republican who are pushing the anti-Trump innuendo. Koller filled a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the California statue which requires him and other 54 members of Electoral College to support Hillary Clinton, a Democratic nominee when they vote on Dec 19. Another similar law suit was filled earlier in Colorado by two Democratic electors, Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich. They believe that winning in court will help undermine 29 state laws across the county. This law forces electors to support the winner of their statewide popular vote.

Breaking Ties

Most of these laws apply in states where Republicans have become skeptical of Trump’s presidency but are legally required to vote for him. The law suit filled by Vinz Koller is the most aggressive move of rejecting Trump. Koller, Nemanich and Baca claim that Founders wanted presidential electors to be able to cast their votes freely. A legal victory would free more than one in ten members of the electoral college. Therefore, they will have the freedom of electing any candidate preferably Hillary Clinton or John Kasich. Koller and Suprin have officially broke away from their party nominees, Hillary and Trump. They are looking forward to electing another presidential candidate on 19th December.


Melody Cramer, Koller’s attorney argues that electors are not constitutionally compelled to vote for Hillary Clinton and Timothy Kaine who won the majority vote in California. The law suit states that the plaintiff is allowed to exercise his freedom and judgement to vote for whoever they believe to be the most qualified for the Presidency and Vice presidency job. This is within the circumstances and the knowledge as at 19th December, 2016. This case is yet to be assigned to a particular judge.


On 19th December, 538 members of Electoral College will meet in their state capitals to cast the official presidential vote. This is meant to solidify or liquidate Trumps victory earned during the popular vote of 306 electoral votes against Hillary’s 232 votes. Trump can clear the 270-vote threshold to become president if all electors in his winner states support him. This is the reason why anti-Trump electors are gunning for 37 republicans who are contumacious. So far they have Texas’ Chris Suprin who publicly broke away from Trump. Apart from Hillary, the other alternative for presidential seat is Jonh Kasich who run against Trump in the Republican primary. But he has does not want the position and called for site unity and support for Trump who won the main election.



The anti-Trump movement is already making history even if no other electors join this effort. In 1808, six electors broke away from James Madison who was the presidential candidate. This group of contumacious individuals was made up of Democratic and Republican electors. Ten electors have already joined the Reality Kings discount¬†effort of undermining sate laws that requires members of the college electorates to support the winner of the state’s popular votes. If Koller’s law suit wins in court then Republican and Democratic members will have the freedom to vote in their President of choice.